Welcome to Columbus Vette--The #1 volume New Chevrolet Corvette Dealership in Ohio!

We are also the  #1 Corvette Dealer West of Washington D.C. for the ENTIRE Nation!   Your National Corvette and Stingray Dealer.

Thank you for visiting Coughlin Chevrolet's dedicated Corvette Sales website. We know that you have many choices of Corvette, Stingray and Z06 for sale around Ohio, and the U.S. We actively sell Vettes as far away as Hawaii, California and Texas, and Corvettes close by in Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

We specialize in Corvette Sales to Texas and New York. We know the Corvette dealers in Texas and New York don't have the inventory of New Stingray's for sale like we do. We also know that the New York and Texas Corvette Dealer isn't as excited and knowledgeable as we are here at Columbus Vette.

That's because we have Rick "Corvette"Conti. Don't you want a different experience buying a $50,000-$125,000 car over a $15,000 car? You should, and Rick Conti provides it. Fly in, and Rick will roll the red carpet out for you. Then enjoy that drive home in your American Supercar!

We have the selection of new Chevrolet Corvette's and sell them at lower prices than just about anyone in Ohio, Texas, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

At Columbus Vette (just minutes east of Columbus on East Broad St. and part of Coughlin Chevrolet of Pataskala) you'll be able to work with our exclusive nationwide Corvette specialists, Rick "Corvette" Conti and Terry Goodin.


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